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Games Results
Games Results

Over one thousand Medals are presented during the course of a Games.

The Corporate Awards are presented to Team Leaders and Senior Executives of the winning Organisations. Each represents great achievement in the Games.

All results are subject to final verification.

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Grand Award

The Grand Award recognises commitment to company spirit, employee fitness and the value of participation. It is awarded to the Organisation entering the largest number of athletes, reflecting its dedicated leadership, corporate citizenship

Medallist Award

The top sports performance in the Games is recognised by the Medalist Award presented to the Organisation which wins the most Medals. All medals count.

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Championship Divisions

The Divisional Championships are based on the Organisation's overall team size and are awarded to the Organisations winning the most Games Points.

Sport Championship

The winners of the Sport Championship Awards are the Organisations accumulating the most Games Points in a Sport.

Points scored by the top 8 Organisations in each Sport Championship are presented.

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Top 8 Event Point Winners

Games Points are assigned to the first 8 positions in every Event in the Games.

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